The 7th China Restaurant Week is currently cooperating with Citibank China to prepare for another China Restaurant Week from September 3rd to September 13th for you. During this 11-day dining banquet, diners will enjoy global delicacies from more than 400 top restaurants.


Pre-book to enjoy the premium packages of 3 courses of top restaurants with a surprising price from RMB 58 for lunch, and RMB 98 for dinner.

DiningCity will open the official website for booking, starting from 10 a.m. August 24th.

Citibank China, the present partner of, has been sponsoring China Restaurant Week for a 3rd consecutive year.

According to the Director of Citibank China Credit Card and Unsecured Loan, “Citibank China Credit Card team has been dedicated to creating an optimal experience and a better life for its card holders. And its cooperation with DiningCity aims at granting exclusive privilege to Citibank China Credit Card holders by sharing the pleasure of top delicacies.”

The card holders of Citibank China, an honoured partner of China Restaurant Week, will have a 4-day priority booking privilege as usual: starting from 10 a.m. August 20th.  They will be able to book their favorite restaurants, locate restaurants to their tastes, and win a unique gift by using their Citibank credit cards.


As a dining banquet open to everyone, this restaurant week collects all the popular restaurants including but not limited to classic French cuisine, aromatic Italian cuisine, exotic Mediterranean cuisine, delicate Japanese cuisine, and charismatic Chinese cuisines. Various types of food from all over the world will ignite the taste of diners.

Speaking of the choice of restaurants, there will be those with excellent taste as well as atmosphere. Dining in these restaurants, every costumer would not only enjoy the food, but also get nurtured by various culture. This Restaurant Week will include but not limited to Opera, The Grill, Brasserie FLO, Florentina, My Humble House. Top chefs are well prepared, and get ready to serve our diners.

According to DiningCity, this  Restaurant Week will open not just in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but also settle down in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu. Local well-known restaurants such as Hotaru and Satine French Restaurant, will all join in this Dining Party as brand new elements. By then, diners from all of these seven cities will hail to the food at the same time, creating a unique Dining Party!

In order to better serve the diners, DiningCity is now using the Membership system to record your dining experience, accumulate your scores to get VIP priority, and get more unique deal offers. Meanwhile, DiningCity will be also offering dining service via mobile phone Application this year, to enable a more convenient dining experience.

As the organizer of China Restaurant Week, has been leading a trend of dining style, and its six-year China Restaurant Week has  gained all the attention from all over the country. This time, China Restaurant Week has  gathered numerous media partners such as CityWeekend,, Whenever Shanghai, and Zhoumozuosha. By then DiningCity will also offer more deals and promotions to build diners a better dining experience.

About, a leading online bilingual premium restaurant guide, launched its Asian edition first in Singapore as early as 2007 and initiated official websites for Hong Kong and Mainland China in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Consumers can locate, via, restaurants to their tastes by searching with key words such as price, cuisine, location, and make real-time online reservations 24/7. In turn restaurants can manage their profiles, upload new information, images and promotions. And diners can share their dining experiences under restaurants’ profile.

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