Chinese Wines winning 23 Gold, 7 Silver Medals at Berlin Wine Trophy

The summer edition of 2015 Berlin Wine Trophy was held in Berlin from July 23rd to 26th in Berlin. More than 4300 wines from all over the world competed in the world renown wine competition. Among them Chinese wines won 23 gold and 7 silver medals. This is the first time for Chinese wines winning so many medals in the top class international wine competitions.

By Constance

4300 wines from all over the world

Berlin Wine Trophy, Reliable, Authoritative Wine Competition

Berlin Wine Trophy is the biggest International wine competition under the patronage of OIV (International Organisation for Vine and Wine) and UIOE (The International Union of Oenologists). During the tasting, more than 130 wine professionals from every part of the world were separated into groups with 6~7 jurors. Each wine will be tasted blind by the jurors and discussed among the table. No more than 50 wines will be tasted one day for one juror to ensure that the juror’s palate would not be too tired to give a reliable judgment.

wine professionals from Asia

In Berlin Wine Trophy, scores of 82~84.9 equivalents to Silver medal, 85~91.9 means Gold, while scores over 92 would be a Grand Gold. But at the same time, the winning rate should be controlled under 30%.

Chinese Wines Shining in Berlin!

This year, the most important professional wine magazine in China, Wine in China magazine, worked together with Berlin Wine Trophy, organized Chinese wines participating in the trophy. This is the first time in the 19 years history of Berlin Wine Trophy that so many Chinese wines entered.

Chinese wines, before blind tasting

The wines come from major wine producing region in China, including, East Foot Hills of Helan Mountains in Ningxia Province, Yanhuai Valley, Xinjiang, Shandong Peninsula, Huanren icewine region. The varieties of the Chinese wines including International varieties, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah; Marselan, Petit Mangsen, Cabernet Gernischt which originated from France and suites China so well; as well as Chinese unique varieties, such as BeiBingHong, GongZhuBai, BeiMei, BeiHong.


Tasting these Chinese wines in Berlin was the first time experience for many wine professionals. The tasting was blind tasting. Jurors were only told the grape variety and vintage and knew nothing about the producing countries. There was one flight of “Bordeaux Blends” that got excellent results: 12 wines winning scores higher than 85, and 2 wines were rated between 82~84.9 among all the 16 wines in this flight. The jurors were all surprised by the good average quality of this whole flight and they were even more surprised when they were told that these wines all come from China after the tasting!

After the tasting, the organizer of Berlin Wine Trophy put all the Chinese wines together, and any juror interested can come and taste. This offers the opportunity for the jurors who did not have Chinese wines in their table during the tasting.

Chinese wines

More than 65 Chinese wines were rated higher than 82! Though considering the 30% winning rate, there are still 30 Chinese wines winning medal, which means 40% of the participating Chinese wines winning medal. This also shows the good average quality of the Chinese wines participating in Berlin Wine Trophy this time.

Here are the winners and also a link to the official website of Berlin Wine Trophy result of 2015 summer edition.

奖项 酒名(英文) 酒名(中文) 年份
Gold金奖 Petit Rongzi Blue Label Dry Red 2012 小戎子蓝标干红葡萄酒2012 2012
Gold金奖 Domaine Franco-Chinois Marselan Reserve 中法庄园珍藏马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Xue Yuan Pai Marselan 学院派珍藏马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Chateau Lion Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine 莱恩堡2013赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Huai Lai Amethyst Danbian 2014 Merlot 怀来紫晶庄园丹边2014典藏级美乐干红葡萄酒 2014
Gold金奖 Chateau Yuquan of Xixia King Dry red wine Cabernet Sauvignon 西夏王玉泉国际酒庄赤霞珠干红(奢藏) 2012
Gold金奖 Petit Rongzi Blue Label Dry Red 小戎子蓝标干红葡萄酒2013 2013
Gold金奖 Domaine Pu Shang Oak Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine 蒲尚橡木桶级赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Xue Yuan Pai Cabernet Sauvignon 学院派珍藏赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Duke Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine 公爵赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Domaine Franco-Chinois Petit Manseng  中法庄园小芒森甜白葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Petit Rongzi Black Label Dry Red 小戎子黑标干红葡萄酒2013 2013
Gold金奖 Chateau Farsight Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 法塞特2012赤霞珠·美乐干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Chateau Farsight Cabernet Sauvignon 法塞特2013赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Chateau Glamorn Semi Dry Chardonnay 国菲霞多丽白葡萄酒 2014
Gold金奖 Chateau Dayun Castle Reserve Dry Red Wine 大运城堡酒庄珍藏级干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 JingJia Cabernet Sauvignon 静嘉赤霞珠干红 2012 2012
Gold金奖 Spring Ice Wine 斯葡瑞北冰红红冰葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Lux Regis S Winery Reserve 类人首酒庄珍藏S干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Xue Yuan Pai Cabernet Sauvignon 学院派珍藏赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2011
Gold金奖 Domaine Pu Shang Marselan Dry Red Wine 蒲尚马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Tianrun Heshuo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 天润合硕 2011 陈酿型赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2011
Gold金奖 Envoy of Cabernet Gernischt Dry Red Wine 外交使者蛇龙珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Silber银奖 Chateau Purple Mist Red Wine 紫雾干红葡萄酒 2014 2014
Silber银奖 Chateau Ryden Marselan 瑞登堡2014马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2014
Silber银奖 Huai Lai Amethyst Danbian Syrah 怀来紫晶庄园丹边2014典藏级西拉干红葡萄酒 2014
Silber银奖 Chateau Nine Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 九顶庄园珍藏干红葡萄酒 2012 2012
Silber银奖 Great Wall Chateau Yunmo Chenin Blanc 长城大漠葡园白诗南干白葡萄酒 2014
Silber银奖 Rongzi Fresh Wine Semi Sweet Rose 戎子鲜酒·轻柔桃红2014 2014
Silber银奖 Great Wall Chateau Yunmo Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 长城大漠葡园梅鹿辄赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2014