A Chinese Icewine Won the Best Asia Wine in Asia Wine Trophy


The 3rd Asia Wine Trophy was held in Daejeon, Korea from August 29th to Spetember 1st. Asia Wine Trophy is held under the patronage of OIV (International Organisation for Vine and Wine) and UIOE ( The International Union of Oenologists). With over 3700 wines entering competition, Asia Wine Trophy is the biggest wine competition in Asia.

More than 120 wine professionals from all over the world came and joined the trophy as jurors ensuring the competition with the highest level of expertise as well as an international standard. Among them, many came from major wine market in Asia, such as Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. Their attendance makes Asia Wine Trophy unique which reflecting the status and tendency of the Asia Wine Market.

Another highlight of the Asia Wine Trophy is that, one of the most important wine producing country in Asia—China, sending its wines to the competition. The most influential professional wine media in China, Wine in China magazine, organized Chinese wines to enter into this top level wine competition in Asia which is a major step for Chinese wines’ international promotion.

Chinese wines won 1 Grand Gold, 21 Gold and 5 Silver in Asia Wine Trophy 2015!

By Constance

Chinese Wines Master Class

During Asia Wine Trophy, Asia Wine Buyers Conference is also held. Start from Aug.30th and lasts to September 5th, there were all together nearly 30 seminars and Master Classes have been offered. Covering regional tasting, market analysis, media summit, the various and in-depth conferences attracted many audiences.


Wine in China magazine worked together with Asia Wine Trophy, organized a Chinese Wines Master Class. This is the first event during the whole schedule of the conferences and recorded the Master class which attracted most audiences with nearly 100 attendance.

Major wine regions and their terroir have been introduced, including, East Foothills of Helan Mountains, Shandong Penisula, Yanhuai Valley, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Huanren icewine region. 15 wines came from these regions were tasted by the audiences. Their varieties covering Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Marselan, Cabernet Gernischt, et al.

The audiences gave very positive feedbacks. Most of them are the jurors for Asia Wine Trophy. They are professionals and experts. Many of them thought that the wines tasted during the master class surprised them and they would change their old opinion on Chinese wines.

check at most 5 wines among all the wines tasted as the ones you consider to be the best in the terms of quality
Chateau Glamorn Chardonnay White 国菲霞多丽白葡萄酒 9%
AMETHYST Danbian Premium Chardonnay White Wine 怀来紫晶庄园霞多丽白葡萄酒 3%
Xi Xia King Envoy Italian Riesling 外交使者贵人香白葡萄酒 8%
Rongzi Nouveeau Rose Wine 2014 戎子鲜酒·轻柔桃红2014 6%
Chateau Nine Peaks Reserva 2012 九顶庄园珍藏干红葡萄酒 3%
Petit Rongzi Blue Label Red Wine 小戎子蓝标干红葡萄酒 6%
Xue Yuan Pai (College Style) Reserve Marselan 学院派珍藏马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 8%
Xue Yuan Pai (College Style) Reserve Merlot 学院派珍藏美乐干红葡萄酒 3%
Xue Yuan Pai (College Style) Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 学院派珍藏赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 5%
Amethyst Dan Bian Grand Reserve Merlot 怀来紫晶庄园丹边典藏级美乐干红葡萄酒 2%
Xi Xia King Envoy Merlot 外交使者美乐干红葡萄酒 5%
Xi Xia King Chateau Jade Spring Cabernet Gernischt 西夏王玉泉酒庄蛇龙珠红葡萄酒 8%
Domaine de Cheng Cheng Jing Jia Cabernet Sauvignon 铖铖酒庄静嘉赤霞珠干红 2012 13%
Chateau Glamorn Dry Red Wine 2014 国菲干红葡萄酒2014 10%
Tian Run He Shuo 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 天润合硕陈酿型赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 11%

A Chinese Icewine won the Best Asian Wine in Asia Wine Trophy!

In Asia Wine Trphy 2015, Chinese wines won 21 Gold and 5 Silver medals. There was even one icewine from Huanren of Liaoning Province won a Grand Gold! Among all the 3700 sample wines, only less than 30% can win a medal. Only 21 wines were awarded as Grand Gold. The icewine named Senpatina Icewine was the only Asian wine among the 21 Grand Gold wines! Jurors tasted this wine said:“it is beautiful and complex, we thought it was Canadian.”

The winners of Asia Wine Trophy will be announced and displayed in Daejeon Wine&Spirit Festival held following the trophy. Here are some of the Chinese winners.

Below is the list of the Chinese winners in Asia Wine Trophy and the link to official website.



奖项 酒名(英文) 酒名(中文) 年份
Grand Gold特别金奖 Senpatina Icewine 思帕蒂娜冰酒 2014
Gold金奖 Domaine Franco-Chinois Marselan Reserve 中法庄园珍藏马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Chateau Lion Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine 莱恩堡2013赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Lan Shan Jade Cabernet Sauvignon 兰山玉卓赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Domaine Pu Shang Oak Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine 蒲尚橡木桶级赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Chateau Farsight Cabernet Sauvignon 法塞特2013赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Huai Lai Amethyst Marselan 紫晶庄园2014典藏级玛瑟兰 2014
Gold金奖 Domaine Pu Shang Marselan Dry Red Wine 蒲尚马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Xue Yuan Pai Cabernet Sauvignon 学院派珍藏赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Lux Regis S Winery Reserve 类人首酒庄珍藏S干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Chateau Yuhuang Duke Dry White Italien Riesling 禹皇酒庄侯爵贵人香干白葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Chateau Glamorn Semi Dry Chardonnay 国菲霞多丽白葡萄酒 2014
Gold金奖 Huai Lai Amethyst Danbian Chardonnay 紫晶庄园2014典藏级霞多丽 2014
Gold金奖 Huai Lai Amethyst Danbian Riesling 紫晶庄园2014雷司令 2014
Gold金奖 Great Wall Chateau Yunmo Chenin Blanc 长城大漠葡园白诗南干白葡萄酒 2014
Gold金奖 Domaine Franco-Chinois Petit Manseng 中法庄园小芒森甜白葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Kunjue Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Rose wine 贵族庄园坤爵干桃红葡萄酒 2014
Gold金奖 Chateau Farsight Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 法塞特2012赤霞珠·美乐干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Kunjue Estate collection Cabernet Sauvignon dry Red Wine 贵族庄园坤爵庄园珍藏赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2013
Gold金奖 Hester Cabernet Sauvignon Hester赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2012
Gold金奖 Tianrun Heshuo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 天润合硕 2011 陈酿型赤霞珠干红葡萄酒 2011
Gold金奖 Chateau Wode Beimei Dry Red 沃德酒庄北玫干红葡萄酒 2014
Silber银奖 Chateau Ryden Marselan 瑞登堡2014马瑟兰干红葡萄酒 2014
Silber银奖 Chateau Rongzi Dry White 戎子酒庄干白葡萄酒2014 2014
Silber银奖 Chateau Yuquan of Xixia King dry white wine Reserve Chardonnay 西夏王玉泉国际酒庄霞多丽干白(典藏) 2014
Silber银奖 Great Wall Chateau Yunmo Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 大漠葡园梅鹿辄/赤霞珠 2014
Silber银奖 Weixu Hegu Organic Reserve Dry Red Wine 危须河谷干红葡萄酒(橡木桶窖藏) 2013